service agreement

Terms & Conditions

service agreement

Terms & Conditions

service agreement

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions ("Terms") apply to the services provided by Engaging Media LLC, referred to as "the Agency," to its clients, referred to as "the Client."

1. Services Provided

1.1 Content Creation Services:

The Agency will create short-form social media video content as agreed upon. Each video will adhere to specified duration and style preferences.

1.2 Agency's Responsibilities:

The Agency will:

  • Perform industry research and prepare scripts for designated videos.

  • Perform video editing based on the Client's style preferences and feedback, within reason and up to the editing level shown in the Agency's website and social media examples.

  • Ensure timely delivery of completed videos for weekly publication.

  • Publish approved content across the 5 selected social media channels on behalf of the Client.

1.3 Client's Responsibilities:

The Client will:

  • Review and approve scripts promptly, in order to move to the next production stage.

  • Ensure timely recording of approved script content, to a high-quality level that they are satisfied with (with the assistance and guidance of the Agency.)

  • Upload the recorded footage to the online folder provided by the Agency, for collection and video editing.

  • Review and approve edited videos in a timely manner.

  • Adhere to the process of allowing social media account access to the Agency's 3rd party publishing platform, to enable posting of weekly content.

2. Additional Services

The Agency may provide additional services including:

Reporting: Weekly reports on content results and analytics.

Resources: The Agency will provide an online educational resource with instructions on effectively utilizing Instagram advertising.

3. Rights and Ownership

Unless otherwise specified in a written agreement, the Agency retains the right to use any video produced for promotional purposes, including but not limited to use on our website, social media channels, and other marketing materials.

Clients retain the right to use the videos produced for their specified purposes, and will maintain lifetime ownership.

4. Feedback & Revisions

Upon delivering a video for review, clients have the opportunity to provide feedback. We commit to making necessary adjustments to ensure 100% satisfaction and provide unlimited revisions within reason. However, excessive revisions beyond the agreed scope might incur additional charges.

5. Payment and Subscription

The Client agrees to automatic recurring payments being charged from their selected payment method, for the term of their selected subscription package (the options being Monthly, Quarterly, or Semi-Annually.)

Payment will continue automatically unless a pause or cancellation request is submitted.

6. Termination

The Client may request a pause or cancellation of the subscription at any time. Pausing the agreement will suspend billing and production work until resumed by the Client. Cancelling will stop the next, and any future charges from occurring, according to the billing term that the Client originally subscribed to.

Refunds will not be provided for incomplete work due to pauses or cancellations by the Client, for any and all of the subscription term options. There will be no refunds once any payment has been received, due to the unlimited revision requests offered by the Agency to ensure satisfaction with every stage of production.

If the Agency terminates the agreement, completed work will be delivered, or refunds issued for unfinished content.

7. Agreement

These Terms shall apply from the start date of service and will continue on a monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually basis (depending on the package the Client subscribed to) unless terminated by either party as per the outlined terms.

By submitting payment for the subscription of The Agency's services, The Client agrees to these terms and conditions outlined here.